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Volunteer at The Chapman House

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For decades, volunteers have helped to make a comfortable and joyful atmosphere at The Chapman House. No matter your skills, we will work with you to find where you can make a big difference in the lives of our residents. We can help you meet your requirements for graduation or community service hours.

Why Volunteer?

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Connect with Our Residents

The Chapman House typically has 30 women living in our facility. They each have varying interests and passions. As a volunteer, you can connect with this incredible group of women and help participate in or run activities that they will love.

Learn About Exceptional Care

Our team provides exceptional care to our residents. If you are looking to learn more about providing care to an aging population, consider volunteering with our team in a fun and collaborative environment.

I have been volunteering with The Chapman House for years now. I come in weekly and play the piano for the residents. I know the women look forward to it and it is wonderful to know that I am using my skills to help others.

Jay R., Chapman Volunteer

Want to get involved?

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Want to use your skills to support the incredible group of women who live at The Chapman House? Take a look at our volunteer opportunities and reach out.